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Welcome To Chill-Pill UK

Bored of work? Sick of the boss? Take a Chill-Pill and relax for a while. Check out all of the sections because there's loadsa' funny pictures, hilarious jokes, and free games, as well as some great relaxation tips under the Relax ... section. We've also got a collection of great products and gadgets to help you chill.

Check out our recommended gifts and gadgets (including the fantastic Namco 5 in 1, and the famous Twister Duvet Set) to help de-stress this busy period. Currently we are adding new funny jokes, email piccies & great products daily (as well as tons of hilarious jokes and funny pictures), so keep checking back.

Even more new funny pictures added take a look here, a few great new products here and loadsa new hilariously funny jokes here!

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"Video games don't affect us, I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids we'd all be running around darkened rooms munching pills and listening to repetitive music".

This is the MUST buy for anyone - The ultimate in chillout at home gadgets. Cheaper than a night out and years of entertainment.

Only £24.95
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Namco 5 in 1 - Dig Dug, Galaxian, Pacman
Fag Tags

Government Health Warnings accurate but depressing. Cheer yourself up with a triple pack set of unique ‘warnings' from Fag Tags.

Only £12.95!
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Fag Tags - Spice up your smoking
BB Firing Remote Control Tank

The Power Tank is perfect for the home or office, and will transform even the most stressed executive into a gleeful schoolboy as the pellets ping.

Only £24.95
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BB Firing mini tanks